Daniel Norman

Dan completed his Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery at the University of Dundee. His Honours project was focused on palladium-catalysed multi-component reaction towards the synthesis of high-value scaffolds. Dan then worked at a start-up company in Glasgow, developing new peptide-based hydrogels for 3D cell culture, following which he started his doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh in the group of Professor Mark Bradley. As part of the IMPACT project (an inter-disciplinary EPSRC research project), he developed prodrug activation systems that utilise electro- and photo-chemical actuators, and delivered them through discovery stages to biological validation. This project expanded Dan’s skills and interest in chemistry, biology and engineering. Following his PhD, Dan started as a post-doctoral research associate as part of the ARREST-TB team, developing low-cost solutions for the simple and robust diagnosis of tuberculosis.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys running, badminton and socialising with friends.

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