Zainab AlGhamdi

Zainab was born in Alkhobar in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabi. She obtained a BSc degree (Hons) in Chemistry from King Faisal University, K.S.A., in 2009. Inventions and new discoveries in Chemistry have always been the focus of her interest, with an aspiration to be an active member in that arena. Pursuing her desire, she completed her MSc degree in Organic Chemistry from King Saud University in 2015; resulting in being awarded so far (2) United States Patents and (6) Saudi Patents. During her MSc. research, she focused on the synthesis of a series of heterocyclic compounds containing thiophene moiety, where the thiophene nucleus was used as the core in various reactions that were attached to several biologically active heterocycles, aiming to synthesize more biologically active products and discover new active compounds. In 2017, Zainab joined the Chemistry Department in Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University as a lecturer in Organic Chemistry.

Recently, she started her PhD in Bradley Group in May 2019; her project focuses on the synthesis of “smartprobes” for TB.

In her spare time, Zainab enjoys reading, playing chess and spending time with family.

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