Tommy Loan

Tommy Loan was born in Edinburgh. He received his MSci in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow in 2019, with his Master’s project under Professor Ross Forgan researching the applications of a zirconium metal organic framework for drug delivery. During his undergraduate degree he undertook a research placement year at the University of Barcelona, investigating the applications of magnetic nanoparticles in drug delivery of anti-cancer drugs and diagnostic tests for Parkinson’s disease. After graduating he undertook two short research internships at the Coimbra Laser Lab, Portugal, and the Manipal Institute of Technology, India, working on the development of a drug screening assay for Alzheimer’s Disease, and synthesis of alumina nanofluids, respectively. Tommy joined the Bradley group in April 2020, focusing on the use of near IR (NIR) probes to image T-cells during cancer treatment.

In his spare time, Tommy enjoys playing squash, rock climbing, and reading.

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