Dr Ewan Forsyth

Ewan joined the Bradley group in October 2020 on the EPSRC funded InLightenUs project as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. His research involves the synthesis and characterisation of new molecular materials for up-converting applications. The wider project aims to replace the current imaging technology used by healthcare professionals, and allow early detection of diseases such as cancer and osteoarthritis by non-invasive methods.

His PhD, titled “Synthesis and Characterisation of Liquid Crystal Oligomers and the Twist-Bend Nematic Phase”, was undertaken at the University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Professor Corrie Imrie and Professor John Storey. The PhD focussed on the structural design, organic synthesis and physical characterisation of new liquid crystal oligomers. The objective was to understand their structure-property relationships and to further advance the knowledge of the twist-bend nematic phase.

When he is not in the lab, Ewan is frequently found producing an extravagant bake, creating a great model railway, or watching the silver screen with family and friends.

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