Shufan Yang


Shufan Yang was born in 1997. She completed her 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Chemistry at Shandong Normal University (SDNU) in China, June 2019. Her research during undergraduate focused on the synthesis of organic functional materials, especially the synthesis of novel organic materials based on perylene diimide (PDIs) acceptors used in organic solar cells. In September 2019, she started her MPhil (Master of Philosophy) at Cardiff University under the supervision of Professor Davide Bonifazi, doing the research of synthesising thiophene-based monomers and the corresponding polymers to make the electrochromic devices and studying the properties of electrochromic displays for applications. In July 2021, Shufan finished her MPhil studies and joined the Bradley group as a PhD student in September 2021. Her research focuses on the synthesis and research of materials capable of multi-photon absorption as part of the EPRSC funded InLightenUs project.

In her spare time, Shufan is an amateur badminton player. Badminton and swimming are her favourites. She also likes coffee culture, especially like make latte art.

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