Dr Jingjing Gong

Jingjing was born in Hubei, China. After deciding to pursue a career in science he attended Wuhan University of Technology to study Materials Science and Engineering. He graduated and received bachelor degree in 2007. After developing his interest into optical fibre sensors, he chose to continue his study in Wuhan University of Technology and completed his MRes in National Engineering Laboratory for Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in 2011. Jingjing joined the Bradley Group since 2015 to work on the project ‘Multiplexed ‘Touch and Tell’ Optical Molecular Sensing and Imaging’. This project expanded Jingjing’s skills ranging from the fabrication of polymer microarrays and their screening, to the construction of fiber optic sensors and their characterization (including biological analysis) as well as polymer synthesis and polymer characterization. Following his PhD, Jingjing started as a post-doctoral research associate as part of the ARREST-TB team, fabrication and evaluation of molecular diagnostic devices for nuclear acid analysis, and conducting microscopy and imaging for TB bacterial.

Outside of work, Jingjing lives a life of leisure, enjoying music, travelling and cooking.

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