Publications 2017

Publications in 2017

286. Synthesis and optimization of a reactive oxygen species responsive cellular delivery system

A. M. Perez-Lopez, E. Valeroa and M. Bradley

New J. Chem, 2017

287. Poly(ethylmethacrylate-co-diethylaminoethyl acrylate) coating improves endothelial re-population, bio-mechanical and anti-thrombogenic properties of decellularized carotid arteries for blood vessel replacement

E. López-Ruiz, S. Venkateswaran, M. Perán, G. Jiménez, S. Pernagallo, J. J. Díaz-Mochón, O. Tura-Ceide, F. Arrebola, J. Melchor, J. Soto, G. Rus, P. J. Real, M. Diaz-Ricart, A. Conde-González, M. Bradley & J. A. Marchal

Scientific Reports, 2017

288. Highly selective and rapidly activatable fluorogenic Thrombin sensors and application in human lung tissue

A. Megia-Fernandez, B. Mills, C. Michels, S. V. Chankeshwara, K. Dhaliwal and M. Bradley

Org. Biomol. Chem., 2017

289. In-Cell Dual Drug Synthesis by Cancer-Targeting Palladium Catalysts

J. Clavadetscher, E.Indrigo, S. V. Chankeshwara, A. Lilienkampf and M. Bradley

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017

290. Intracellular delivery of a catalytic organometallic complex

E. Indrigo, J. Clavadetscher, S. V. Chankeshwara, A. Megia-Fernandez, A. Lilienkampf and M. Bradley

Chem. Commun., 2017

291. An Approach to the High-Throughput Fabrication of Glycopolymer Microarrays through Thiol–Ene Chemistry

K. Neumann, A. Conde-González, M. Owens, A. Venturato, Y. Zhang, J. Geng and M. Bradley

Macromolecules, 2017

292. Controlled core-to-core photo-polymerisation – fabrication of an optical fibre-based pH sensor

F. Mohamad, M. G. Tanner, D. Choudhury, T. R. Choudhary, H. A. C. Wood, K. Harrington and M. Bradley

Analyst, 2017