Publications 2021

Publications in 2021

324. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Fluorescent Probes for Plasma Membrane Labelling

S. Zhang, A, Lilienkampf and M. Bradley

Molecules, 2021

325. A fluorogenic peptide-based smartprobe for the detection of neutrophil extracellular traps and inflammation

M. R. Rios, G. Garoffolo, G. Rinaldi, A. Megia-Fernandez, S. Ferrari, C. T. Robb, A. G. Rossi, M. Pesce and M. Bradley

Chem. Commun., 2021

326. Bioorthogonal Swarming: In Situ Generation of Dendrimers

Y. Zhang, M. Üçüncü, A. Gambardella, A. Baibek, J. Geng, S. Zhang, J. Clavadetscher, I. Litzen, M. Bradley, and A. Lilienkampf

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2021

327. Optical Detection of Distal Lung Enzyme Activity in Human Inflammatory Lung Disease

A. Megia-Fernandez, A. Marshall, A. R. Akram, B. Mills, S. V. Chankeshwara, E. Scholefield, A. Miele, B. C. McGorum,
C. Michaels, N. Knighton, T. Vercauteren, F. Lacombe, V. Dentan, A. M. Bruce, J. Mair, R. Hitchcock, N. Hirani, C. Haslett, M. Bradley and K. Dhaliwal

BME Frontiers, 2021

328. Light-controlled, living radical polymerisation mediated by fluorophore-conjugated RAFT agents

S. Zhang, Y. Zhang, M. Üçüncü, A. Lilienkampf, J. Geng and M. Bradley

Polymer, 2021

329. Attaching palladium catalysts to antibodies

P. Cowling, A. Lilienkampf and M. Bradley

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2021

330. Full spectrum fluorescence lifetime imaging with 0.5 nm spectral and 50 ps temporal resolution

G. O. S. Williams, E. Williams, N. Finlayson, A. T. Erdogan, Q. Wang, S. Fernandes, A. R. Akram, K. Dhaliwal, R. K. Henderson, J. M. Girkin and M. Bradley

Nat Commun, 2021

331. Near-Infrared-Emitting Hemicyanines and Their Photodynamic Killing of Cancer Cells

M. Santra, M. Owens, G. Birch and M. Bradley

ACS Appl. Bio Mater, 2021

332. Red-Shifted Environmental Fluorophores and Their Use for the Detection of Gram-Negative Bacteria

A. Megia-Fernandez, M. Klausen, B. Mills, G. E. Brown, H. McEwan, N. Finlayson, K. Dhaliwalh and M. Bradley

Chemosensors , 2021